It is the island of distinctiveness and contrast and it is the biggest island in the group of North-Dalmatian islands. The length of the island is nearly 45 kilometers, width between 1 and 4 kilometers with highest peak Vela Straža (High Guard) at height of 338 meters, with a steep southwest coast, stunning cliffs and numerous bays, among which Sakarun and Telašćica stand out. Seafood, along with variety of karstic fruits make this island an ecological unity.

There are 12 places on the island which withhold around 1500 inhabitants. The road which connects all places of the island also provides a magnificent view. Ferries and fast ships make this island well connected with the mainland.

When it comes to The Long Island, with numerous attractive tourist sites and natural beauty, it is a journey through a world of tradition and modern ways of living.

To reach The Long Island is to reach your true self. You can adjust your body, as well as your personality, by idling on The Long Island beaches, swimming in crystal clear waters, diving into the world under water, trying your hand at fishing, hours of hiking, or enjoying a bicycle ride at long distances across the bay, etc.

This island is a paradise for everyone. Unspoiled nature, ancient olive groves, pine forests, beautiful natural beaches, frightening cliffs which plunge towards the open sea, clear water, etc.

Nature park Telašćica

The Telašćica bay is located in the southeastern part of the island, which is, due to its exceptional beauty declared as a nature park.

This natural cove with its rich flora and fauna is surrounded by 13 islands and islets and it belongs to the finest and safest natural bays.

Punta Bianca Lighthouse

The Veli Rat lantern is a guiding light to the seamen for more than 150 years. In the yard of the lantern is the chapel of st. Nicholas, protector of sailors, in which Roman Missal from 1869 is held.

It is surrounded by pine woods and beautiful bays with sandy beaches. Its 40m high tower offers an unforgettable view.

Beach Sakarun

1700 meters away from the apartments is the famous beach Sakarun. The beach gained its reputation with the whiteness of the sand and clean sea, surrounded by pine trees that provide a welcome shade in the summer.

It is about 800 meters long and at some 250 meters from the shore it is 3.5 meters deep, which means that the bathing area is extremely large and shallow and suitable even for young children.

Since 2013. Sakarun bay became member of "The most Beautiful Bays in the World" ( among other bays from 30 countries of the world, precisely 38, from all continents!